Green has always been my favorite color.” He pulls another dandelion from the grass and rests it behind my ear. “Why?” I ask, as I tuck the dandelion and adjust my hair around it. He grins and a flash of childhood innocence passes through his eyes, like there’s a warm memory he’s still clinching onto. “Well, I used to get injured a lot and do dumb stuff and I’d get a lot of bruises and cuts. And one time, I was racing my friend and I ended up tripping and falling on the grass. My knee hurt like a bitch, but I wasn’t bleeding, just covered in a lot of dirt and grass, ya know? And for some reason, I thought about it like this: sometimes you fall down and expect to bleed and break; but, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, you actually end up with a few scratches but you’re still alive and you’re only just a little bit behind your best friend so you just have to pick yourself up and keep running. I’ve always loved green ever since then.
— n.d.