tiny tree branches cracked underneath their boots as they walked down the road. underneath the faint crescent moon, their silhouettes moved through the late-evening haze that the mixture of the golden sky - and the glow from the streetlamp cast upon them - had created. he leaned in and pressed his lips to her hair, tenderly leaving a kiss. she wrapped her fingers around his, tightly, and leaned her head and her body against his left shoulder.
in her mind’s eye, she began to recall last night when she had awoken to find him playing his guitar on the ledge of the fire escape. his fingers barely brushed the guitar strings, but she could feel the song in her body somehow. she moved towards him and as she neared, the floorboard beneath her creaked and he immediately broke out of the trance he was in and turned his head around. upon seeing her, he got off the ledge and leaned the guitar against the wall, “what are you doing awake?”. “i heard you”, she replied, and while it wasn’t entirely true given he wasn’t really playing the guitar loudly enough for her to hear from the next room over, it was like her soul had heard it and it had awakened her. “i’m sorry,” he whispered, “let’s go back to bed”. “what about a dance?”, she proposed, and while their apartment was almost pitch-black, she could see his lips curve upwards. he grabbed her hands into his and shifted his body closer to hers. they swayed from left to right, avoiding the glass coffee table plastered with all the new books she had just thrifted, and the loveseat that had several of his blazers sprawled on it. she rested her chin on his shoulder, looking past the apartment and out the window to the streetlamp which flickered on and off every eight seconds or so. she felt his heart beating against hers in the same beat that she had ‘heard’ coming from his guitar earlier.
— n.d.