the warmest blue
the leaves have turned into a crisp orange, and the air has grown frigid with each passing day. i can feel the wind dancing around me, skipping a beat with each exhale i take. our little town has grown silent; everyone’s receded into their homes. we ride our bikes down the empty streets, side-by-side, until we reach the coastline and stand on the cliff’s edge. the waves crash against the store below us and then ripple their thousand particles across the charcoal-black rocks. it’s a slow nebulous explosion that repeats every several seconds. i can feel the ocean mist graze my cheek. i wonder what it would feel like to jump: what it would feel like to be submerged into the dark blue and feel nothing, but also everything all at the same time. i untie my sneakers and remove my socks. i can feel his gaze on me, curious and concerned. i cautiously sit down and let my legs dangle on the edge. the sky is a mild blue across the horizon line, and there’s nary a cloud in sight. it’s all so simple, so quaint, so peaceful. there is nothing but solitude to be felt here. i shut off my mind and just breathe.
— n.d.