i pause to glimpse at the skyline, admiring the way it meets with the massive clouds so perfectly and so gracefully yet so ominously as well. it’s such a brief moment to witness and i’m so glad i do because this is how i want to remember my city. everything is aligned and as it should be for once. ‘this is the new york i’ll miss’, i think to myself. but, this city is no longer a home; rather, it’s like the ‘bad’ photos i store in a film box - i have the memories saved but they’re hard to make out, or the colors are wrong, or the subject is moving, or, well, you get the idea. i’d like to believe i’ll be back soon, i mean, i will be back, i know that for a fact, but what if i don’t come back? will you miss me too? we’ve had a lot of memories together but you’ve become more of a cage than a stairway to heaven for me in the past few years and i don’t think that i belong here anymore. the car accelerates faster on the highway and the wind blows my hair against the window as the summer sun dives slowly down the sky. i move my head back inside the car reluctantly but not before one last glance at the city i was born in.
— n.d.