kid, you have a heart of gold. i’ve seen you fall at least a hundred times and every single time you get back up and are back in there. there are people out there who would dream of having this type of resilience, and you somehow manage to muster the courage to face your biggest fears every day and just keep going. you’re so young yet you match the strength and perseverance of someone at least twice your age. i know you don’t think much of yourself and expect to fail again and again, but even if you do, i know you’re going to get back up and try again because that’s who you are and i truly hope that never changes. you have limitless potential and it’s about time you let it escape from your veins and pour out into this world. forget the fact that you’ve failed a hundred times before and think about the fact that those are merely stepping stones to your successes. i believe in you.
— n.d.