tale of two cities.jpg
i am you, and i am sorry that i am you, because i am the dark parts of you, the ugly parts of you that you try to shush away in every corner of your body, praying no one will figure out or ever find, but i don’t think you can continue this charade for much longer, truth be told.

i am you, and i’m sorry that i am you, because you are the soft sunlight peeking in at dawn through the blinds on a window, dancing across someone’s bare skin, tracing yourself on their arms, up their torso and onto their cheeks, causing their eyes to flutter open with a satisfied grin on their face. you are the feeling of the warm rain pouring down on someone after a long, terrible day, cleansing them of their troubles and washing away their worries and fears, so they can start a better tomorrow. you are the feeling of running as fast as one can in the middle of a street, towards nothing really but also something because you know are meant for greatness and maybe that’s what you’re chasing after. maybe that’s why you haven’t stopped running since you were four?
but you know what you also are? you are the sunset, and i cannot think of anything more fitting for you because you light up the sky with all your colors to form the most beautiful of life’s wonders for us to look upon and be in awe of, yet you do it quietly, day-in and day-out. i don’t think you realize how special you really are and that pains me. i’m your darkness but i think it’s time you find solace in your beauty and wonder, because finding safety in me has ruined you - you are barely holding on to your colors as it is and you are beginning to bleed black, my child. i’ve promised for years to leave you but part of me has always stayed around, maybe because the thought of leaving something as pure as you has pained me, and holding onto your light has sustained me. i realize now that i cannot hurt you any longer so i must go and you must continue to shine. brighter than ever. please do.
— n.d.